Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trip Mckenzie and the Sea of Mulagi

Light flicker waves in gold, lapping boards. A tiny cloud tossed fishing boat, blue on white, orange touched wood, in fog thick and golden, radiating off sea shadows that run so deep. Uncertainty overtaking, barrier borne upon scales of incomprehensible time, a sole drifter's faith unends.
He kneels, bloody torn prayer cried past through exhaustion, out and out again upon these mazy mists.

To harmony!
To his pure note!

Searching; one which rings out, resonates.
Lights a swathe through blindness.
Octave and key, modulate frequency, tenor and tone.

These ear shattering piercings from mellifluous curves; their cacophony, euphony.
His range, such staggering, stuttering in dishumane.

Until, bloodless and wasted, pours off tongue and lips so softly, sweet syrup rolls. This drifter's mouth, his throat, reach deep down, clamp wrenching diaphragm, heart, lungs, down to his bone.

Blows it all away.


Torn, divided. Double slit in two.
Disharmonised by the violence of freedom's voicing.

One half all light's exuberance, surface skims; over waves, under dusky sky.
At play and frolic through sea spray, breaching high to kiss sun sleepy evening rays.
This note is shoreward bound.

One half, shattered, all at disarray. In vortextual clutches, interference tentacles grip and grasp.
Shipwrecked and spiralling; 1-way, where confusion reigns darkest drowned.
This note is going down.


Suck tearing, the whirlpool pulls.
Tornado's water, razor wire.
Every whip of the void, lashing tears your nature apart.

Until, numb

Senseless at the spiral centre. Existence patterns left, lost, dispersed in the fall, traces on spiral walls. Slipped out, whacked out, thrown into the void heart, speared upon basicality (singularity).

You're unexistence now, immeasurable, Ireal.


The shore is clouds serene, so lay back dreamy, and with gentle wash settle on endless snow sands. This close to existence you could lay forever.

Cushioned, head, whole and heel, upon infinite particles, soft and warmth. Fingertips of minima, pure and light, breezy caress; dancing across eiderdown skin.
Naked, safe and peaceful, you could lay forever.

In the sands around, kicked up and gently drawn. Whirl and wave, patterns abound, curl and contemplate. As from water's edge, a lunar lullaby, rhythmic, magnetic.
This haven replenished, eternal, you could lay forever.

But pattern and particle, heard apart, is incomplete harmony. And these waves, of sand, of sound, wind and water, interfere upon serenity. Reminder of the other harmony half. Lost now in chaos discordance, far below fundament or firmament, where even real ceases. The something, someplace place.


Finger stream sands fall away, into the dark below, starflaking, drift and glitter. On gossamer strings, dust covers everything, catches feathered wings; a moments breath, suspended over the spiral roaring. Then star angel, twist and dive, you swoop. Fearlessly, into the heart of void.
Reach blind into the fury, outstretched at terminal velocity. Found, clasp tight your binary love, lost no more. Rejoined, rejoice. Out of depths the golden note sounds true. Harmony completed, perfect resonance.
The spiral shatters, existence follows.


(for reference look up Shahriar Afshar, this is based upon his reworking of the double slit light experiment, some quantum thing...


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