Saturday, September 27, 2008

Skin boiling, blood scalding at the surface. Rip the jacket off, claw arm on arm till I'm free. Throw it across the room onto the bench. Get it away accursed thing. Take your comforting warmth with it.

I want to freeze.
Veins run liquid ice at absolute zero, hyper-efficiency. I will be the smartest computer ever. That's right.
Neptune blue information runs through deep. So fast will I process, every cell a wormhole, instantaneous shifts of data, matter and concept. From place to place any place. Through time.

Fuck you jacket. I embrace the cold.
The hairs on my arms stand up, goosebumps a million and more redefine my topographic skin. A mountain range, a dull homogeneous mountain range. Every peak the goddamned frozen same.

My whole body shivers. The whole range shakes. Doing its special dance. That one invented on an Ionian beach. The time my lips turned blue, manatee with no endurance for the sea. How could I forget how much my body hates the cold?

Hyper-efficiently, my body shakes, its breaks and oscillates. The circuitry falls apart. Information zips about, impossibly fast, data rattles, incoherently random.

Who the fuck took my jacket?
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