Monday, October 30, 2006

Trip Mckenzie and the Triumphant March of the Return

He rides into town and up Laugavegur on the back of the world's greatest transient killer whale, throwing seals through the air to awestruck crowds.

Behind him a procession of whale corpses, totalling 15 times the worldwide quota, each and every one bigger than any whale seen by man until now, not one is of a species that any but him could identify. So inspiring is his entrance that the even the deadest of the dead whales dances with greater gaiety than the country has ever known. In their wake the species of the sea are reborn,far more perfectly evolved and formed than those mankind decimated before.

The journey has worn him out past points of exhaustion that Heinrich Harrow could only dream of. Yet he does not shirk the expectations of his legion of admirers and pulls the moon out from the sky. He throws it back out and around the entirety of the universe in the greatest act of strength that existence has ever seen. When the moon settles back into place it and every star shines approximately 18310.5673 times brighter than they ever have. The energy created by this feat, yes created, are a billion and 8 times greater than the energy released at the beginning of the univers; all of it is concentrated on celebrating his greatness. He does not wish this but he accepts the tribute with unheard of grace.

For the amusement and pleasure of the crowds he commands a staggering display of light and shadow from his fingertips. Every frequency of light ever conceived in the universal order is called upon, magnified, refracted and reflected. To end the incredible and unbelievable fireworks he creates a new colour, force, wavelength; a frequency not of light but of himself. It is the most marvelous and inspiring thing that all the dimensions of existence, non-existence, proto-existence and potential-existence have ever born witness to.  Faith, Reason and science are all destroyed by its beauty and 178.3 pico-seconds later they are reborn in perfect unity with one another.

Trip Mckenzie is back in town.

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