Monday, December 04, 2006

Trip Mckenzie and the 1 way spiral. pt. 1

Wake up, spirals in my eyes, left over from dreams. Fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep, through hte cycle then bolt upright. Srping out of bed, nimble as a gazelle, fall into the wardrobe. Grab my towel, mykeys, throw my thick woolen jumpen on for decency.

Someday that jumper is going to look good covering a naked girl.

I open the window, turn the heating down. Clear out the stink of sleep and nightmares. Thats it, now I'm out. The door is locked. Trust is for the weak.

Brush teeth, shower on, piss, shower, relief. As ever I leave my towel out of reach so I have to drip dry before stepping across the room. Leave no trace, have no presence, court existence but don't embrace.

I wonder if I need to shave, I don't care but perhaps I shall meet someone today who does. Perhaps I will care whether they do.

Wipe the condensation off the glass, check my posture, work the core. Admire my cock before it goes down unappreciated. I look at my face, it looks back and says:

"Be wary, be careful, be warned. Don't trust us."

Fuck you. Wrap the towel around, cover myself with my jumper. Back to my room.

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