Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip Mckenzie and the geriatric ferry

Interconnecting two deck sides, each surfeit with camera laden and sun-dumbed passengers, is the loneliest place on solid ground.

Gaze out into the vast ocean sky, lose yourself in the waves, find yourself as you swell back up.
That is the dream I sailed with, at night, in day unachievable. Infesting, irritating skin and psyche, fucktards rob you, of peace and purpose. So you cross between the two decks endlessly, restlessly searching for a spot to dive in mind first to entropy's embrace.

White and cold, this shipshape functional tunnel space that facilitates your impatinece pacing. Its crossing allow those moments. Never stop. It is no resting place, but for moments you can slow to a crawl and race on at lightspeed. And when you travel that fast a second is more than enough. At night is another story. Deck passage and deck are all yours. Suspended in the void.
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