Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip Mckenzie and the train at the top of the world

Zoetrope tunnel over clouded snow high.

Untold horror lurks in a glimpse. So terribly human and ugly. Nothing more than the derelict, unkempt corner of concrete underbridge. But in glimpsing is spied something deeper, deeper and rotten. Sedimentary, mineral attrition is made organic by my mind, the desolation produced stinks of fear and loathing. Sand becomes shit, the beach our children are playing upon diseases them with harrowing gastric plagues.

Light and life are the purest of cures, a glimpse is just a glimpse. Emerging up on top the world washes out the sores, all is cleansed and health again. The horror remains and recedes, between the cracks where it suits me best.

Breath deep the mountain clear, run oxygen tears down your eyes and cheeks. Let it out again tomorrow.

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