Friday, May 02, 2008

Trip Mckenzie and the harbour murders

Space expands, ushering increased entropic probability. Divine streams, disconnected from existence, find their configuration void favourably re-aligned. In answer to the universe's mark of approval images race, out of the void into occupied space.

I sigh, with caffeine hyper-dosage running through my veins it comes out a hiss. People, of whom there are none around, back away. Disconcerted by my unintended display. They would if they were there.

With no witness the moment is wasted. Shame, I would have liked someone to take offence, or show concern. That would be touching.
Well it would to someone, I'm sure. I doubt I would care.

Ignoring the caffeine driving me twitched out tweaking I don't think I'd appreciate the company. Why else would I be with no-one right now?

Maybe that's just the caffeine though.
Clip my thoughts.
Run free-minded.

Wind blasts my face, skin torn away a bloody wreck. Sea salt spray, stinging the open wound. Nothing now but to drive in, wash the pain down and chase it with suffocation.

Bloated white and bloody I float right back up. Instantly.

If I don't expel this gas I could flight right on up and bounce around the atmosphere (troposphere, stratosphere). Wouldn't that be grand?

How many corpses are up there already?
Body balloons floating freely under exit velocity.

A canopy of fetid dead for the world.

I breathe out, a sigh, back on the beach at cliffs edge.
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