Friday, December 08, 2006

Trip Mckenzie and the 1-way spiral part 2.

Did your reflection talk to your again today?

Yeah. Same thing every morning.

What'd he say this time?

Ah I dunno. Some kind of warning, beware shit.
You know its always the same, you'd think it would be pretty exciting and fucked up that wouldn't wear off.

Yeah sure. Damned reflection talking to you.
Still seems fucked up to me.

I guess so, but its the same shit every morning. Even your reflection gets pretty damned boring pretty damned quick if he can't find something else to talk about. Beware this, watch out for this, look behind you...
The guy's a jerk plain and simple. A jerk who is there every damned morning when I step out of the shower.

You put it like that I can see how it sucks. Like meeting some crazy guy in a bar and he tells you his crazy conspiracy story about the speed of light. Its funny at first but after a while you jus twish the guy would shut up and let you drink your coffee.

Exactly, just like that fucking light-speed guy.
But y'know, waiting for you when you have just got out of the shower. Checking you out whist he is talking shit to you...

Still, guys got a nice body.

Damn straight. Jerk's got a sweet arse.

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