Saturday, December 30, 2006

Trip Mckenzie and the wilderness.

Watched a film, Gerry, today.

Two guys get lost in the wilderness, walk around, talk a litle but not much. That is pretty much thewhole film. Nothing really happens in it. I highly recommend it if emptiness and desolation are your thing.

The film got me thinking a little about dying, lost in the wilderness. What kind of way to die would that be?

That is not a rhetoricla question, I could not come to a conclusion.

The wilderness, isolation and desolation all seem like suitable counterpoints to a death. Perhaps with nothing else to grab the attention and with the realisation of nothing in your future, those last moments could provide some kind of nirvana. Pure and peaceful, divorced from everything but yourself and the moment.

But what if nothing like this could be found, the mind did not clea and the moment was wasted trying to deny the inevitability of an end. Of you became fixated upon some mindless and trivial event from the past or in the non-potential future.

If you look at the proportion of such idiotic reminiscence against perfect tranquility in any life, the odds are that the former is more likely. That is if these things are about the odds at all, which, well I am not at all sold upon.

But still, if it was this way, then it is a terrible way to die. Not because of the moment itself, but for what precedes it. Ruling out some kind of nirvana, I have to suspect that this scenario creates nothing but an extensio of those lously feelings that accompany the moment of death itself. Worthless, endless repetition of thoughts of being lost, which way to go, how hungry, thirsty you are and an unhealthy dose of that mundane postulation and recollection. Meaningless death, preceded by the extension of that meaningingless can only equal a whole big lack of meaning.

And well, death may not be suposed to have meaning but it kind of sucks if your last few days before the event are just as worthless.

Its the mundanity of it all that gets me y'know. So for the sake of anyone stuck in the wilderness about to die right now, I'm gonna pray you find some nirvana.

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